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Murder at Morrington Hall (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery, #1)

Murder at Morrington Hall A Stella and Lyndy Mystery Murder At Morrington Hall is the first book in the A Stella And Lyndy Mystery series The Earl of Atherly bank account is in a severe problem due to financing his birding expeditions and to help his finances, he has been in touch with Elijah Kendrick, a millionaire horse breeder from Kentucky Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna Clara McKenna s debut novel, Murder at Morrington Hall, is the first in a promising new mystery series Stella

That Churchill Woman

That Churchill Woman A Novel Barron, Stephanie Jennie Jerome, the feisty mother of Winston Churchill, had a luxurious existence that stretched from the upper echelons of American society to Paris and London Yet this gilded life had than its share of heartbreak and tragedy Adored by some and loathed by others, Jennie chafed at the rigid conventions of the Victorian age That Churchill Woman by Stephanie Barron Goodreads That Churchill Woman is the story of Jennie Jerome Churchill, the mother of