Land of the Free: A History of the United States

      Land of the Free: A History of the United States
It should be said at the outset that this text goes far toward rectifying the slights and injustices that school books have for so long visited upon the Indian, the Negro, and the immigrant minorities Indeed, the authors come right out and tell the reader that the salad bowl figure of speech is much to be preferred to the conventional melting pot metaphor Written by John W Caughey, John Hope Franklin, Ernest R May education advisers Richard M Clowes, Alfred T Clark.There is also a teacher s manual available, which was prepared by Alfred T Clark, Jr. Free Read [ Land of the Free: A History of the United States ] Author [ John Walton Caughey ] –

John Walton Caughey was an author and educator, who was considered the dean of California historians and a leading intellectual civil libertarian A history professor at UCLA from 1930 until his retirement in 1970, Caughey wrote textbooks and scholarly articles that were so readable they became popular with mainstream readers.His book California, first published in 1940, was evaluated by a Times book critic at the time as unquestionably the most important and valuable single volume history of California ever published Caughey sthan 25 books also included Los Angeles Biography of a City, which he edited in 1976 His prolific writing included books on American and Western history as well as accounts of California Among the books were History of the Pacific Coast of North America in 1938, America Since 1763 A Survey of Its History in 1955, and The American West Frontier and Region in 1969.In 1949 Caughey had defied the Regents of the University of California by refusing to sign a loyalty oath he considered unconstitutional He was fired but eventually vindicated in court and reinstated That experience started him on a new career as a civil rights activist Together with his wife LaRee Caughey he worked to oppose the death penalty, nuclear testing, and especially racial discrimination In the 1960s the couple wrote a fourth grade textbook California s Own History and an 8th grade US history textbook Land of the Free, in collaboration with Ernest R May and John Hope Franklin , both designed to address the need to teach children the truth about some of the less glorious aspects of our history, such as internment of Japanese Americans and Jim Crow, as well as about the labor movement, the women s movement, and other grassroots efforts for change.

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      Land of the Free: A History of the United States
 By John Walton Caughey ↠ british literature –
  • Hardcover
  • 658 pages
  • Land of the Free: A History of the United States
  • John Walton Caughey
  • English
  • 22 August 2018

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