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The Final Empire[BOOKS] ✭ The Final Empire By Brandon Sanderson – For a thousand years the ash fell and no flowers bloomed For a thousand years the ash fell and no flowers bloomed.

The Dark Talent the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry’s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world and.

The Final Empire ePUB Þ The Final  Epub /
  • Hardcover
  • 544 pages
  • The Final Empire
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • English
  • 19 June 2014
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    I can't remember being this violently conflicted about a book in uite some time There are some areas where it's just so well done with the author absolutely nailing it and then others where I found myself grinding my teeth in frustration I'm going to abandon my usual practice of writing short pithy reviews and just drunkenly ramble on a few things here Still no spoilers though That OK with y'all?Language About two and a half chapters into this book I found myself asking Why does this feel like a kids' fantasy book? It wasn't the subject material or the plot both of which are much sophisticated than Harry Potter and his ilk While I would feel perfectly comfortable having a 12 year old read this PG13 violent and utterly asexual book I don't feel as though it's necessarily written for tweens Finally it occurred to me it's the language This book is one of the most simply written books I've ever read using only the most basic vocabulary That isn't a bad thing as I'd rather read something direct and simple than something flowery and overwritten but Sanderson's language is so simple here that it's almost as if he's drawing with the Crayola 16 set when other authors have the big 64 One notable exception having apparently become recently enad of the word he uses maladroitly at least three times Maybe he was jamming some Weezer while he wrote I haven't read any of his other works yet; Mistborn #2 is on deck but I have to assume this simplicity is by conscious choice and it's an interesting choice at that I'm just not sure yet how I feel about itOne language choice that I am sure how I feel about is Sanderson's decision to have his characters speak good old American English The narration is similarly plainspoken with a fair amount of American slang thrown in rather than the twee faux Elizabethan style of a lot of fantasy authors I like the approach One of the most time honored fantasy tropes is having all the characters thee and thou each other with a few ne'er did yon stars of Yomama glimmer so resplendently my suzerain for good measure And I can handle that stuff having been weaned on Tolkien and everything that came after but I found Sanderson's decision to move away from that convention refreshing I interpreted it as Sanderson saying The unspoken assumption here is that this book has been translated from whatever languages they speak on this made up world so why translate it to anything other than what is most understandable and comfortable for you to read? To couch this story in funky language is to insult your imagination by implying that you need that in order to realize you're reading a fantasy novelSetting and Plot The setting is a typical high fantasy world feudal style nobility and peasantry; shadowy powerful priesthood; mysterious evil lord etc with some odd almost steampunk flourishes thrown in There are wristwatches Men's formal wear is described as something like Victorian coat and tails than medieval garb Magic in this world is fueled by elemental and alloyed metals which are described rather exactly using percentages It's a uniue and interesting blendThe basic plot is about as stock as it gets If you're familiar with the Star Wars films the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson books Eragon the Dragonriders of Pern trilogy Dune Ender's Game or any one of about a million other works please play Mad Libs with me Dear kid with weird name I know you are only a farmer orphan urchin child of a minor noble and this will be hard for you to accept but you have Great Powers are the Chosen One insert name of funky power here You are the only one who can save the world save the universe defeat the Empire restore order to the Force kill the Big Boss Luckily even though you just learned your destiny fifteen minutes ago you will make up for lost time by uickly becoming better than anyone in the history of ever at uidditch dragon riding sandworm riding Allomancy Any uestions?Needless to say the book's plot could have been a ticket to Hack City but it really isn't Vin's growth and development are handled wellExposition This is a fantasy book for the video game generation By that I mean that the book follows the general path of a first person RPG1 Introduction to the world and the main characters2 A few early levels whose only apparent purpose is to teach the player how to use the buttons3 uests of increasing difficulty with progressive reveals of the Big Plot4 Fight with the Main Boss including the inevitable twist5 Denouement and teaser for the next installmentNot that that's a bad thing But I was really surprised at the way Allomancy the main magic in this world was laid out In the two towering fantasysci fi works of the 20th century The Lord of the Rings and Dune the supernatural elements of the story operated behind a sort of curtain or screen The One Ring in LotR and the spice Melange in Dune both held great mysterious powers but the specific effects and extent of those powers were seen only in fits and flashes and never understood completely by the characters or the reader In contrast fairly early in this book Kelsier takes Vin on a practice run where he explains how her powers work and what their advantages and limitations are using plain language and real world physics and lets her fly and mess around and just generally exult in her magic It left me the reader as well as Vin the character feeling that even if we didn't understand this magic perfectly right now we might at some point in the future which was a very different feelOK after enough rambling about things I feel ambivalently about let's wrap up with one big win and one big failWIN Brandon Sanderson can write the hell out of an action scene And since the final uarter of this book is pretty much all action playing directly into Sanderson's strengths it kicks all kinds of ass The fights in this book are gut wrenching without being overly gory and the chases and sneaks are heart stopping as well Perfect combination of pace and detail Amazing Possibly the best I've ever read from an author in this genre and if he's able to do that so effortlessly so early in his career it gives me hope that he can fixFAIL the dialogue In spite of being favorably disposed due to the use of informal American English I eventually found the dialogue here really clunky Everyone is too wordy Everyone says one sentence too many Over and over again I found myself going Real people don't talk like this and especially Real people who are supposed to be close friends don't talk anything like this to each other Seriously think of how you talk to your best friends in private then compare it to this book In addition there was always that odd feeling of unneeded exposition as if the characters were talking half to each other and half to the reader It was unfortunate especially in contrast to how slick and fast moving and just plain awesome a lot of the other writing wasAll in all this was a fun kinetic readwith a few holes in it It builds it explodes and the ending is really good If half stars were allowed this would have been a 3 12 Good stuffAlso here are my spoiler free suitable as previews reviews of the second and third books in the series if you enjoyed this one

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    Sometimes I revisit a book I had loved ages ago only to tell myself What the actual fuck was I thinking? This book is crap Oh young Khanh you were so dumb Thankfully this was absolutely NOT the case for this book I appreciated it much the second time around It could be that it just took time for me to appreciate the book Or maybe it just glows in comparison to all the crap I had been reading 25 average rating last year baby Either way I ain't complainingFirst the bad because I'm that sort of person Sanderson is a good writer not a great one The world he has built is magical his words are not Sanderson's writing is simple readable Perhaps too simple I appreciate the fact that there is no purple prose but sometimes a story is woven through the magic of words and Sanderson's writing is simply too plain for meOn the other hand damn he's verbose This is a huge ass book people I mean I get it The book is tremendously grand in scope the story is complex and will only get complicated as the series wears on but I find myself wearying of reading which is a sad thing for any reader to realizeNow the good First LOW ON ROMANCE BITCHES CAN I GET A FUCK YEAH? Sanderson I feel is so respectful to his female characters They are strong resourceful independent They can get by without a man The women in his book have to earn their stripes There's no getting by on beauty and flirtation here Wit and cunning is a much safer bet than the size of a female character's titsThe world building is tremendous The magic of Allomancy is just so fucking awesome and so well described World building the myth and magic surrounding any high fantasy is so crucial and Sanderson did a tremendous jobYes it's a long ass book and the writing isn't as spectacular as some Guy Gavriel Kay but on the other hand this book is eminently readable with a limited amount of meandering unlike Guy Gavriel Kay

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    WOW That Was Really Good

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    WOAH That was a crazy epic adventure full of fantastic characters and action packed madness It definitely lived up to all the hype for me

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    621 Re readingThank the Lord Ruler I finally crawled out from whatever rock I was living under and finally decided to read this book BecauseIt Was So Fucking AwesomeI have been telling myself for years that I should try and branch out from just romance paranormal romance UF romance sci fi alien smut and the occasional murder mystery or biography not that there is a damn thing wrong with my beloved romance but just to challenge myself to try something new and attempt to tackle a straight high fantasy Well this book was my first true foray into that genre and all I can say isLOLZ Jay kay peeps jay kay Just making sure I live down to your expectations winkIn all sincerity though this book was everything and I truly don't know why I waited so long to tackle this genre ComicSci FiFantasy movies are my all time FAVORITE movie genresAnd this book felt like I was locked in one of themLike I was in a theater watching an epic fantasy filmOnly BETTERBecause we ALL know the book is always better Brandon Sanderson is now a front runner in the Val's Spirit Animal Games and I just want to sit across from him at a pub table and watch him breathe His world building is so amazing I can't evenI was enthralled from page one until page endThis is an older book and and I'm late to the fiesta so I'll stop there; but long story short I loved this thing so hard I might sleep with it under my pillow for a while And the best part?There are now aisles of books at the bookstore that I feel have suddenly been opened to me AISLES people So glad I tried something newI feel so mature Three cheers for Garth

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    This was an odd one for me I've seen an enormous number of opinions about Sanderson's books on the fantasy forums I hang out on the great majority favourable I was interested to see what it was that had sold so very many books and got such an incredibly high average score on Goodreads The opening was strong and engaging Then I started to falter For most of the book I didn't think that I would be giving it 5 I started to worry that I might have a legion of Sanderfans on my case oI think I am too much of a scientist for the magic system not to jar against me I liked the complexity and the effects and the ways it was used were cunning clever and ingenious But the ingredients and the execution fill me with unanswered uestionsAnd for much of the middle section I was struggling through all the balls and house politics having a hard time caringAnd the plans felt flimsy and dubiousBUTBut the last hundred and fifty pages were a huge payoff and I really liked all the twists and turns Also the action scenes were great and the tension was kept high nobody felt safe the reveals kept coming it was all really well done and I had a blast with itI've heard it said that Sanderson's biggest strength is plotting and yes the plot unwound splendidlyThe reading experience and writing put me in mind of Brent Weeks than any other writer I knowA really fun read Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

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    The beginning of the trilogy that sparked my love for reading fantasy novelsIt’s been exactly one year ten months since I first joined Goodreads or started reading The Final Empire September 1st 2016 to be exact This is an extremely important book for me and the I tried to explain why the harder it felt to come up with something other than saying the cliché phrase that “I absolutely love this book” The reason on the significance of this trilogy for me will have to be postponed until I’m done with rereading The Hero of Ages because it will be much easier for me to explain why by talking about my life before and after finishing the trilogy So yeah that’s coming in a week or two but for now as always it’s all about my thoughts on the book and why The Final Empire—even upon reread—is an absolutely incredible start to a trilogyPicture The Final Empire by breath art The Final Empire is the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s highly acclaimed Mistborn trilogy For a thousand years the world has been ruled with an iron fist by the immortal emperor Lord Ruler The main plot of the book focused on a rebellion built around a heist led by Kelsier and his newly found apprentice Vin to overthrow the Lord Ruler I absolutely loved the story here The first time I read this book I found the plot to be thoroughly engaging seriously relatable but at times humorous due to the characters camaraderie and banter; I was also completely fascinated by the world and magic system that Sanderson has created here All of these are still true but there’s an additional superb uality that happened upon my reread all the foreshadowing and hints are now laid bare for me to see with the gift of hindsight The Final Empire on its own works perfectly as a standalone but trust me it’s not Everything you read here—even the mini details—played major parts for the upcoming books Plots behind plots plans behind plans There was always another secret” Picture Kelsier and Vin by GisAlmeidaWhere do I even begin with the wonderful characterizations? Let’s start with Vin I’ve read than 200 books since the first time I started this trilogy and Vin—by the end of the trilogy—remain my favorite heroine of all time This doesn’t mean that Vin is the only great character from the series; Kelsier Sazed Elend and many I can’t mention for now because their greatness won’t come to play until the third book Some of you who’ve read it might think of Vin’s thoughts as being “emo” or if you’re in 9gag “edgy” but think about it with her past can you blame her? I found Vin to be an amazing character here because she taught me that despite being betrayed and left behind countless times it’s always okay and better to love and trust someone again than being alone Kelsier taught me about justice and hope; that it’s not okay to stand still in the face of tyranny oppression and slavery “Men rarely see their own actions as unjustified” Sazed taught me that it’s possible to have a different faith and yet still be respectful and kind towards each other’s belief “Our belief is often strongest when it should be weakest That is the nature of hope” There were plenty of things to learn from the characters in the book but for now let me talk about one of the main highlights of the book and the trilogy itself the magic system The Final Empire introduced us to Allomancy and Feruchemy I’ll be honest coming from a heavy gaming and reading mangaanime background I thought I would not encounter a magic system of high caliber that can be found in that two medium within the novel form However I was wrong Allomancy is amazing and still by far my favorite magic system in the medium; even than the one in Sanderson’s magnum opus The Stormlight Archive The intricacy of the magic system that Sanderson has created in Mistborn saga never ceased to amaze me and I’ve yet to encounter a engaging complex and amazingly easy to understand magic system within any fantasy novels Plus the actions spawned from the magic system resulted in some vivid and fast paced battle seuences Don’t believe me? Try going to a forum and ask “what’s your favorite or the most intriguing magic systems you’ve ever read in fantasy?” I guarantee you that snow will fall in my country if someone doesn’t shout Mistborn; it’s just THAT goodThis book was also my first encounter with Sanderson’s spectacular world building skill along with his simple vivid and immersive prose The world of Scadrial that’s clouded by ash and surrounded by mist was extremely atmospheric to read There was also a lot of well built mystery and lore within this book as Sanderson used the epigraph that can be found within the start of each chapter masterfully I’ve heard a lot of criticisms from readers that Sanderson’s prose here are too simple for their liking and I do agree that not only this book all his book contain simple prose However that’s actually one of the things that I do appreciate about his works His writings never get in the way of the story and he’s still capable of telling a story of epic proportion with simplicity Even though his prose is simple this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any wisdom in it In my opinion all of his books contained a lot of wisdom easily applicable to our daily life A few examples “The right belief is like a good cloak I think If it fits you well it keeps you warm and safe The wrong fit however can suffocate” And this “You should try not to talk so much friend You'll sound far less stupid that way” And with that uote I realized that it’s time for me to put an end to my review here It’s safe to say that I still consider The Final Empire one of my favorite books and one of my favorite starts to a trilogy My reread experience of this book has been better than I expected and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the trilogy holds up for me Below here just for fun cringe and nostalgia is the first review I’ve ever written Hopefully I did a better job this time You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions My first review on Goodreads and I'm really happy it's this book that I chose The book have an amazing world building great characters development and most of all very intricate magic system and actions This is coming from someone who've seen plenty of magics not real of course from 20 years of gaming and watching animemovietelevision series The amount of details Sanderson put into each words not to mention it's really simple and easy to understand is insaneI will definitely read the rest of the trilogy straight after this and works by him

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    I'M NOT OKAY I'M STILL CRYINGOn to read the next book

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    Allomancy The mystical power held by the nobility granted to them by the Lord Ruler some thousand years before as a reward for their loyalty Readers have been urging me for years to pick up anything by Brandon Sanderson and after browsing his books I knew that Mistborn would be the first world I wanted to enter Opportunity arose and I was able to read this along with two other Goodreads friends which made for a much exciting experience than if I had gone it alone We were able to bounce ideas off of each other chat about theories we had and see where we were right and where we were completely wrong The latter is where we mostly fell ; I'm at a loss for words at how perfectly this book and I fit together; the only way I can think of explaining is that upon finishing The Final Empire I found myself uestioning the validity of most of my previous 5 star reads How could I possibly place them in the same category as this? I understand it won't be for everyone; the pacing is slow throughout a majority of the book and it's long by many readers' standards I felt the hilarious banter between the characters relieved a bit of the slowness but I also found that I loved the steady detailed world building The immaculate secondary detailing is what really set this apart from other adult fantasies I have read and I can't wait to continue on and see where Sanderson takes us I don't really have much else to say as I've jumped on the bandwagon late in the game so I thought I would close with my favorite spoiler free uotes that I marked along the way If men read these words let them know that power is a heavy burden Seek not to be bound by it's chains Every action we take has conseuences Vin I've found that in both Allomancy and life the person who can best judge the conseuences of their actions will be the most successful The Hero of Ages shall be not a man but a force No nation may claim him no woman shall keep him and no king may slay him He shall belong to none not even himself Belief isn't simply a thing for fair times and bright days I think What is belief what is faith if you don't continue in after failure? Buddy read with Bentley and Scrill 😍❤️

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