When a young homeless girl dies in the latest of a string of arson attacks, Dr Rhona Macleod is called in But here in Edinburgh she is off her patch the Chief Fire Investigator is hot tempered misogynist Severino Macrae, and he doesn t like to lose face As the attacks escalate, will their growing chemistry distract them from the murderous arsonist who seems to be infiltrating their personal lives as well as their work Best Download Torch by Lin Anderson For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Lin Anderson was born in Greenock of Scottish and Irish parents A graduate of both Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, she has lived in many different parts of Scotland and also spent five years working in the African bush A teacher of Mathematics and Computing, she began her writing career four years ago Her first film, Small Love, which was broadcast on STV, was nominated for TAPS writer of the year award 2001 Her African short stories have been published in the 10th Anniversary Macallan collection and broadcast on BBC Radio Four.

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 author Lin Anderson For Kindle ePUB or eBook –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Torch
  • Lin Anderson
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 0340922370

10 thoughts on “ Torch

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    I found most of the characters annoying, which tends to make it hard to read a book.Interesting plot and fast pace made for a quick and reasonably pleasant read.

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    This is the second book featuring Rhona Macleod, Glasgow s answer to Kay Scarpetta Arson attacks are taking place both in Glasgow and Edinburgh and Rhona is on the case Because both cities are involved there is ample opportunity to hit the reader with threadbare clich s concerning these cities, and the author takes full advantage There are many examples, but this is the worst The best thing to come out of Edinburgh is the train to Glasgow, or so say t...

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    You can probably imagine the reaction firstly the blurb oh no, extreme dislike segueing into romantic tension AGAIN The front of the book Stalker Arsonist Killer deep groaning The opening lines where a young homeless girl is dying not caring what happens to her if her much loved German Shepherd dog is dead and we ve got another thing that I struggle with do...

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    There is sometimes a tendency to jump scenes and leave the reader wondering how did I get here Having said that I did enjoy the story.

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    All in all good Story but I must admit that the kindle edition I read had several missing paragraphs and numerous missing words I can t remember if that was the case with her paperback editions in fact I m sure not its almost as if the author has got ahead of her self and thinks shes already writ...

  6. says:

    Sadly I didn t like this book The first one was good this was, well a bit boring The interactions between Rhona and the fire chief just didn t ring true and as for Rhona and Sean well. and then it all sort of fizzled out

  7. says:

    Great but over brief story which hurdled a number of implausibilities before reaching a suitably tantalising end.Nevertheless, having become hooked on Rhona McLeod I am finding it necessary to fill in the whole of her back story.

  8. says:

    A story worth reading I love forensic stories and this is one of the better one s If you like suspense and twists you will enjoy this read I look forward to reading Rhonda McLeod Book 3.

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    It is wonderful book shows for some people every life has value while for some taking life is thrill for some animals are precious but for some even human are not precious

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    This was an OK read I like the main character I thought the ending was odd had troubles figuring out how the culprits fitted into everyone s story

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