Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin

      Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin
This is an entirely new collection of Lenin s writing For the first time it brings together crucial shorter works, to show that Lenin held a life long commitment to freedom and democracy Le Blanc has written a comprehensive introduction, which gives an accessible overview of Lenin s life and work, and explains his relevance to political thought today.Lenin has been much maligned in the mainstream, accused of viewing man as modeling clay and of social engineering of the most radical kind However, in contrast to today s world leaders, who happily turn to violence to achieve their objectives, Lenin believed it impossible to reach his goals by any other path than that of political democracy This collection will be of immense value to students encountering Lenin for the first time, and those looking for a new interpretation of one of the 20th century s most inspiring figures. Best Read [ Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin ] by [ Vladimir Lenin ] –

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich 1870 1924 one of the leaders of the Bolshevik party since its formation in 1903 Led the Soviets to power in October, 1917 Elected to the head of the Soviet government until 1922, when he retired due to ill health.Lenin, born in 1870, was committed to revolutionary struggle from an early age his elder brother was hanged for the attempted assassination of Czar Alexander III In 1891 Lenin passed his Law exam with high honors, whereupon he took to representing the poorest peasantry in Samara After moving to St Petersburg in 1893, Lenin s experience with the oppression of the peasantry in Russia, coupled with the revolutionary teachings of G V Plekhanov, guided Lenin to meet with revolutionary groups In April 1895, his comrades helped send Lenin abroad to get up to speed with the revolutionary movement in Europe, and in particular, to meet the Emancipation of Labour Group, of which Plekhanov head After five months abroad, traveling from Switzerland to France to Germany, working at libraries and newspapers to make his way, Lenin returned to Russia, carrying a brief case with a false bottom, full of Marxist literature.On returning to Russia, Lenin and Martov created the League for the Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class, uniting the Marxist circles in Petrograd at the time The group supported strikes and union activity, distributed Marxist literature, and taught in workers education groups In St Petersburg Lenin begins a relationship with Nadezhda Krupskaya In the night of December 8, 1895, Lenin and the members of the party are arrested Lenin sentenced to 15 months in prison By 1897, when the prison sentence expired, the autocracy appended an additional three year sentence, due to Lenin s continual writing and organising while in prison Lenin is exiled to the village of Shushenskoye, in Siberia, where he becomes a leading member of the peasant community Krupskaya is soon also sent into exile for revolutionary activities, and together they work on party organising, the monumental work The Development of Capitalism in Russia, and the translating of Sidney and Beatrice Webb s Industrial Democracy.After his term of exile ends, Lenin emigrates to M nich, and is soon joined by Krupskaya Lenin creates Iskra, in efforts to bring together the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, which had been scattered after the police persecution of the first congress of the party in 1898 After leading the October Revolution, Lenin served as the first and only chairman of the R.S.F.S.R. In 1919 Lenin founded the Communist International In 1921 Lenin instituted the NEP During 1922 Lenin suffered a series of strokes that prevented active work in government While in his final year late 1922 to 1923 Lenin wrote his last articles where he outlined a programme to fight against the bureaucratization of the Commmunist Party and the Soviet state Lenin died on January 21, 1924, as a result of multiple strokes.

      Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin
  • Paperback
  • 376 pages
  • Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings of V.I. Lenin
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • English
  • 02 October 2018
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    Here are ten good reasons for not reading Lenin 1 The world is as it should be and all is going well.2 Freedom, creative opportunities, and community exist for all.3 Each person has a decisive say in decisions affecting his or her life 4 Oppression and exploitation do not exist.5 The unequal structure of wealth and power in our society and in our world has nothing to do with the problems of humanity 6 It is easier to...

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    Sadece Lenin in yaz lar n okuyup derleyen Paul Le Blanc a ait k s mlar atlaman z tavsiye ederim zira kendisi iflah olmaz bir Tro kist Yordam n bizzat Lenin in eserleri yerine Tro kist bir yazara ait derlemeyi tercih etmesi de ayr ca dikkat edilmesi gereken bir nokta.

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