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Ten Little Niggers➯ [Read] ➫ Ten Little Niggers By Agatha Christie ➻ – Tbjewellers.co.uk First there were ten—a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a little private island off the coast of Devon Their host an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them is nowh First there were ten—a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a little private island off the coast of Devon Their host an eccentric millionaire unknown to all of them is nowhere to be found All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they're unwilling to reveal—and a secret Ten Little PDF or that will seal their fate For each has been marked for murder A famous nursery rhyme is framed and hung in every room of the mansionTen little boys went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there were nine Nine little boys sat up very late; One overslept himself and then there were eight Eight little boys traveling in Devon; One said he'd stay there then there were seven Seven little boys chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in half and then there were six Six little boys playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one and then there were five Five little boys going in for law; One got in Chancery and then there were four Four little boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three Three little boys walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one and then there were two Two little boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was one One little boy left all alone; He went out and hanged himself and then there were noneWhen they realize that murders are occurring as described in the rhyme terror mounts One by one they fall prey Before the weekend is out there will be none Who has choreographed this dastardly scheme And who will be left to tell the tale Only the dead are above suspicion.

Mary Westmacott and was occasionally published under the name.

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    There is scarcely any comfort to be found in this book only an ancient arcane horror The story is a vast underwater cavern where nothing flows and nothing ebbs and all is as dark and still as the grave Even my most harrowing nightmares would have never conjured such a soul fearing tale And Then There Were None was uncomfortable as it lodged itself in the darkest corner of my mind The uestions it asks and the implications it conceals are still twining up my legs like a barbed vine I liked this book—but it honestly isn’t an experience I’m keen on revisiting So what’s this book about? In And Then There Were None’s nightmarish tableau ten people are summoned as house guests to a remote island by a Mr and Mrs UN Owen The guests assembled trade stiff dialogue over dinner and cocktails while musing about the celebrity of the island and puzzling about their hosts’ tardinessThe whimsy of the moment however ebbs away when a disembodied message blaring from a gramophone tallies in vivid and mordant detail their unpunished crimes The house occupants’ astonishment uickly turns to horror—their faces wheeling from the shallows to the depths of terror when shortly after they all embark on the ghastly business of being murdered one by one per the instructions of a horrid nursery rhymeMemories of their misdeeds which used to be a distant and blurry thing suddenly come into a sharp lurid focus Death runs rampant with his bloody scythe on Soldier Island Each creak and groan is a hunter stalking them each flutter of wind its breath close against their necks This is their sentence coming to retrieve them “Be sure thy sin will find thee out” Agatha Christie an extraordinarily good writer digs with bright horrible relish into an exhilarating unsettling and ingeniously constructed story that relentlessly yanks the brain as it pitilessly disorients the heart She plays the reader with the delicacy and finesse of an expert angler and doesn’t allow you a moment to dig in your heels and stop where you were just for a while just long enough to get a better idea of what’s ahead The experience of reading this book is akin to walking through a nightmare; I could not orient myself did not know north from south My heart was a fistful of thunder my mind a whirl pool of possibilities—each terrible than the last The not knowing was like a splinter in my mind And as I was tracing the implications of every new revelation my small sickly faith was erodingAnd Then There Were None is not a light read—it is in fact unrelentingly harrowing The hermetic creepy atmosphere of Soldier Island makes a thriving black petri dish of foreboding and distortion And as each of the characters' haunting pasts come to light and as their secrets swell to bursting the book becomes and page turning But what appears to be a thriller is something far perilous Christie imbues the story with a well observed psychological depth that holds its own fascination The surface of course is arresting but the harder you think the further you go and it keeps on getting productive The mind is an imperfect engine that does what it will with the information it receives But what happens when fear true fear takes hold of it and scours out all else? When it becomes fractured and wild crowded with the images of your most torturous evils? What happens when your flimsy attempts at exonerating yourself and asserting some kind of spurious decency no longer stand up under the glaring attacks of guilt? Each of the ten guests is a mirror from which there’s no escape reflecting their monstrosity back at each other And this book is in many senses an invitation to take a long hard look at one’s own self in the mirror It is also a forensic examination of remorse—the kind that is sharp enough to slice a man off his shadows The truth of it eventually draws blood and when it does it isn’t a clean cut The truth of it hurts jagged “Crime is terribly revealing Try and vary your methods as you will your tastes your habits your attitude of mind and your soul is revealed by your actions” This is further a portrait of a psychopath whose beguiling trappings conceal a being watchful capricious and heartless They are the author of this horrendous drama—a madman of the most blatant kind who suffers an unconuerable confederation of self righteousness and depravity But what is most frightening is not the depth of their evil but how cold it runs Are humans really capable of being this infatuated with the blood and groaning of the theatrics of murder? None of these characters are of course the kind of people you want to roll the red carpet for but does anyone really deserve this? The uestions this book asks are grim and land too hard to catch but it doesn't make this book’s dizzying journey less than worthwhileIf there's a flaw running through And Then There Were None it's that Christie maintains a respectful distance from her characters and at times that distance runs toward dryness I think a bit poison in the pen would have helped in drawing out the characters some of whom don’t entirely step into the page before y'know they start dropping like fliesOverall however And Then There Were None is a highly readable murder mystery and a provocative pitch black psychological thriller that will be hard to forgetBLOG | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | TUMBLR

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    Before I begin I would like to apologise for my use of the N word in this review It is necessary I promiseThis book was originally published in UK under a charming title of Ten Little Niggers When it came to the US version in the 40's someone decided that 'Ten Little Niggers' is not the most marketable title for a book so they changed it to 'Ten Little Indians' still a highly uestionable choice Only years after someone decided that neither 'Niggers' nor 'Indians' is a fortunate choice of words for the title so it was changed to 'And Then There Were None' the last line of the nursery rhyme which in this new version was called 'Ten Boy Soldiers'I'm glad this is version we get to read now as it would make for an uncomfortable reading otherwise' Christie originally made the setting to be the 'N Island' how did Christie want to pull this off? 'N Island' off the Devon coast? Really? How? Unlike say Mark Twain Christie's use of the word is completely gratuitous and unnecessary The premise I am sure you know is this ten people end up cut off from the world on a tiny island One of them is a murderer and people keep dying as in the nursery rhyme Every person on the island has a secret and is guilty of a murder It's the kind of murder where law is helpless Nothing can be proven This is why they found themselves on that island at the mercy of a prototype 'Jigsaw' madman who decided justice must be doneThe premise reuires the structure of the novel to be very organised and clean cut I felt that it was only right for me to approach the reading of it in an eually disciplined way I took five sheets of papers and divide each in half thus ending up with ten cards one for each characterAnd I continued to diligently fill them out with all the details I learnt about the characters until about halfway through the book when I became too engrossed frightened and nervous I already had an inkling as to who the murderer was and was petrified I would be murdered in my sleep as well The situation was very serious and I had to invite all my teddy bears back to my bed so they could protect meI grew to like two of the characters the sentiment I think I shared with Christie as she liked them so she killed them lastThis was my second Christie and the first proper one The first one I read was a bit of a mishap spy novel so Christie's brilliance wasn't as apparent as it was in 'And Then There Were None' UPDATE Now that I've read a couple Christie's books I realise that random casual racism and antisemitism was very much her trademark It's almost amazing she could sneak racism into books that have no black characters at all Really off putting and uncomfortable UPDATE 2 Only now did I realise that there were 3 pages of comments under this review discussing my use of the N word Many times as this review was getting and votes I considered changing it because with every vote it felt like I was saying it again Some people suggested I used this as an excuse to say the word as if I was sitting repeating it with some glee I can't recall any other times in my life I've used this word and I suppose I would've found some other reason if it was in fact bringing me as much joy as some commenters are implying Deleting this review or drastically changing it now would be disingenuous though I appreciate it might make for an uncomfortable reading though I have changed most of the instances in this review Now as for Christie as I said her casual racism and antisemitism is obvious in almost every book of hers so I think I will just not read any 45 starsPS Thanks to karen I have just found this page betterbooktitlesAnd here is their take on Ms Christie

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    I'm a big lover of Agatha Christie she has written some fantastic murder mysteries and her stories never get tiring But this is the one that just comes out on top every timeIt partly and uite amusingly reminds me of that old American murder mystery in Sunset Beach Basically they're the only ones on this island and someone is killing them off one by one in accordance with the Ten Little Indians rhyme And I swear I never saw it coming and I'm usually very good at it It's just a very clever novel full of mystery and suspense and easily uite frightening at timesI like how Agatha Christie doesn't have to write a 500 page novel with a massive back story her mysteries are very simply put together but always clever and hard to decipher I would recommend this book to everyone

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    This lovely mystery book is first and foremost about the administration of the long overdue justice right? At least that's what the mastermind behind it all believesBut the uestion is who has the right to decide what justice is? And who is to decide what punishment serves the crime? And is perceived justice at all costs the ultimate goal or is it the freuently pointless work of a maniac? As a matter of fact what is justice after all?I think the story of this book the one that may win the contest for the most offensive original title after all is familiar to most readers It is a lovely and fascinating idea Ten people are lured onto a remote island under false pretenses just to realize that they are all about to be punished by death for the 'crimes' that they have committed in the past and have gotten away with Killed in a manner predicted by a silly yet ominous children's poem with the conclusion of and then there were none What's they come to realize that the mastermind or maniac? has to be among them And the very polite in the traditional British way game of survival begins complete with all the necessary societal rituals¹ and classism² that are not disposed of even under the threat of imminent demise¹The politeness and overt show of respect to one another even in the face of imminent murder by someone in their midst because of course you would not want to offend anyone Continuing to socialize and take meals together Insisting on chivalry when a woman could be the murderer just as well as a man view spoilerthis viewing of women as shrinking violets was what cost Philip Lombard his life in the end hide spoiler

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    5 stars to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None This is the book that started my absolute love of the mystery genre I was addicted and must have read it 3 or 4 times over the course of the year Between the poem the deserted island the plot twist the count down the pure clandestine suspense it couldn't get any better Story Ten people receive a mystery letter from someone they don't know that indicates they should come to a remote island Why would they go????? After arriving they try to figure out the connection between all of them while waiting for their mysterious host After coming across a cute little poem about how ten little indians die they decide they will wait it out until the next morning when the ferry comes back to take them home But it will never come Each guest suddenly dies matching the line from the poem resulting in alliances and mistrust Pure funIn a masterful conclusion the reader understands all the connections learns why the killer chose them to die and develops a very distinct opinion on who was right and who was wrong in this storyAmazing Strengths 1 Plot can you get any better than telling the reader that 10 people will die and then guessing the order and the weapon?2 Characters All walks of life all personalities You'll love some and hate some Weaknesses 1 Only that there wasn't a follow up Final Thoughts If you are a mystery fan you must read this If you've never read Agatha Christie this must be your first before you tackle Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot You must understand the master before getting hooked on any specific protagonist in one of her other series

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    Full of suspense and I was hanging on every word I loved that we almost knew what would happen next because of the seuence and yet had no idea how it would come about This is my first Agatha Christie and now I can't wait to read

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    Reread 2015 Because some Non Crunchy Cool Classic Pantaloonless friends thought I read it wrongTurns out I did This was a really good mysteryinsert long winded apology with much groveling Happy guys? The story goes a bit like this10 strangers each get invitations from someone they think they know to stay on an island resort Hells yeah Sunshine sea airWell resort is a bit of a misnomer It's really a big house on an island Still it's famous for being a party place and nobody in the group turns it downBIG MISTAKEAlmost as soon as everyone is gathered together a recorded voice booms out through the walls and accuses each of them of being a murderer And not justYOU'RE ALL MURDERERS Nope whoever it is appears to know specific details about each death and why these particular people were responsible Of course everyone immediately starts proclaiming their innocence Wha? Noooo That person died accidentally I was never even a suspect Who dares? Harrumph blusterHowever within minutes one of them falls over deadSuicide? Or something nefarious? As the body count rises they have to face the facts that these aren't accidents And with each new death coinciding with a children's rhyme that's tacked up in each room all signs point to a self appointed executioner in their midstAfter they get organized and take a peek around they realize that they are uite alone on this island Their mysterious benefactor must be disguised as one of the guests and is than likelythe murderer Dum dum duuuuum The tension ratchets up with each body and the guests start turning on each other in an attempt to ferret out the killer Eventually they decide they just need to calm down and survive till the police can get to the island Good plan right? But what if there isn't anyone left to tell the cops what happened? So whodunit? I ain't tellin' Psst The epilogue is really important

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    One of the worlds best selling books of all time Agatha Christie's and Then There Were None sets the standard for crime fiction The book was first published under a different title in jolly old England but even back in 1939 American publishers were far too politically correct to use a title they found so offensive Still again in 1964 and again in 1986 a third title was published but political correctness struck again I read the book under the authors original title because I wanted to read it as she intended it The book has inspired radio broadcast stage adaptations television mini series several movies board and video games As the 1939 story begins 8 unacuainted guest have been invited to a very large home on an isolated island off the coast of England for a type of holiday When the water ferry drops them off they find their host has not yet arrived but there are two staff members there to meet their needs Soon it is brought to their attention that all 8 guest along with the 2 staff members are accused of various murders from their past Then the first of the guest drops dead By the next morning another of the remaining 9 is found dead There is surely a murderer on the island and as the story continues to unfold the reader is never given any information other than that which the guest may encounter I didn't figure out who done it I do know that I didn't do it But you fellow reader the way you so innocently stopped to read this review Perchance to see if any incriminating evidence has been uncovered Very suspicious I say

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    “Watch and pray The day of judgement is at hand” Now I understand why Agatha is the ueen of crime This was addictive A group of people are all individually invited to an island for a summer holiday in Devon None of them 100% sure who their mysterious host is Things become even peculiar when their host isn’t there when they arrive and doesn’t show themselves at all One by one the guests are killed picked off leaving the others terrified and paranoid It was a fantastic mystery throughout As tension becomes hysteria the guests wonder who will be next who is responsible for these murders and why?A fantastic read that leaves you guessing until the very end “We shall none of us leave this island” So creepy RTC

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    Are you kidding me?ALL OF THE STARS EVERY STAR Just brilliant

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